Faith Temple Church of God in Christ was organized by the Late Administrative Assistant Dr. Mack Trimble and Lady Ruth Trimble. The first service was held on March 19, 1969. There were committed members who stood with Pastor and Lady Trimble in the beginning to assist with organizing the church.

These were exciting times and it was apparent that the Lord had placed His approval on this ministry. Members in the neighborhood were responding to the gospel, souls were being saved, godly relationships were formed, and the teaching/preaching message of holiness was encouraging to all who came to seek the Lord.

The leadership skills of Dr. Trimble became apparent while he served as Chaplain of the evening service in Korea in the Armed Forces. During this time, he organized and held Evangelistic Outreach Services for men and worked with missionaries in Asia.

Dr. Mack Trimble and family served faithfully at Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ where the Late Bishop E. B. Stewart was pastor. They received the blessing from Bishop Stewart. The Late Bishop Samuel Crouch, Prelate of Southern California First Jurisdiction, laid hands on Pastor Trimble and sent him out to work the ministry God had called him to.

Dr. Mack Trimble earned a Bachelor Degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills, California, a Masters in Theology from Azusa Pacific University, C. P. Haggard school of Theology, Azusa, California, a certificate in Mental Health Training for Ministers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, and an Honorary PhD in Theology from Long Beach Christian College, Long Beach, California, where he served as Vice President and a member of the faculty.

First Lady Ruth Trimble earned a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Christian Counseling from Long Beach Christian College, Long Beach, California. She served as Administrator for Faith Temple Day Care Center, served as Faith Temple Church Administrator, Office Manager and Chaired the Women‘s Department.

Dr. Mack Trimble served as Administrative Assistant to Bishop Joe L. Ealy, Southern California First Jurisdiction, has served as Superintendent of Central District and Chairman of the Ordination Board.

God blessed them to build two church facilities. They equipped Elders who have gone out from Faith Temple Church to plant churches in California and other states. They were grateful for loyal members and friends who continued to stand with them in the ministry. They gave thanks to God and their Lord Jesus Christ for counting them worthy and placed them in leadership in His church.

“So mighty grew the Word of God and prevailed” (Acts 19:20)

On December 31, 2017, Dr. Mack and Lady Ruth Trimble officially retired from pastoring but not from the work of the Lord.